Problem Solving

We offer unique chemistry services to our clients in the oil, gas, and lubricant industries.

  • Product out of Spec? - We will tell you why using our state of the art analytical equipment to investigate and troubleshoot the problem.
  • Customer Complaint about your Product? - We can pinpoint the root cause of the complaint and provide suggestions based upon our analyses.
  • Equipment Failure on the Customer's Side? - We can reverse engineer the product in the system and provide an explanation as to whether the failure is due to the product's performance or due to contamination.
  • Unknown Materials, Solids, or Sludge Appearing? - We can tell you what the material is and the source of the material.
  • Need the Detailed Composition of the Material? - We will provide full analysis and help you to prevent future re-occurrence.

Reverse Engineering & Deformulation

We have the right combination of analytical equipment and experienced staff that can reverse engineer and petrochemical product, lubricant fluid, or grease.

We can identify:

  • The exact type of base oil
  • The type of additives present
  • The level of the treat rate

This information can help you to develop superior and highly competitive products. This information can also help you to benchmark your competitors.